World War Z II: Hamburgero VS Zark’s Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Burger







Day Two: Zark’s Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Burger

Rather than a product description, they put a stern warning on the menu: EAT AT YOU ON RISK! Zark’s ups its ante on their Deep-Fried Burger, a deep-fried mushroom cheeseburger, by wrapping one up in strips of bacon before deep-frying this amalgamation of beef and pork into one beautiful beast.

As with any other burger small enough to be handheld, it would have been a travesty to go at it with a knife and fork. My fingers immediately took on the same, um, sparkle -yes, sparkle – that danced on the bacon fabric. My teeth tore into the porcine crisps then into the yielding, oil-saturated bun before the beef patty core. Each components’ taste and texture distinct but very complementary. The accompanying bourbon sauce was a sweet, heady reduction with a cool zing that cut through all that grease. I could do shots of that stuff.

I felt rivulets of fat streaming down my gullet and bypassing the regular routes to lodge into my arteries. It was everything on a physician’s no-list. I felt bad. And that’s what made it taste so good.

If this will be my death then allow me to die a thousand times over. No, wait! There are other items on their menu I have yet to try.
Stay tuned for World War Z III: Hamburgero VS. Zark’s Tombstone Burger

Zark’s Burger’s. “It’s Fresh. It’s Huge. It’s Great.”

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