World War Z I: Hamburgero VS Zark’s Jawbreaker



Finally Zarked! Visits to their Taft Avenue location proved elusive in previous trips to the capital thanks to packed schedules, long distances and Manila’s horrendous traffic. A recent wedding engagement with the significant other situated me conveniently in Libis — a stone’s throw away from their Eastwood City outlet.

“Let the Hunger Games begin! May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Day One. The Jawbreaker. Triple cheeseburger with Spam and overflowing cheese sauce.

Hamburgero – 1 , Zark’s Jawbreaker – 0

Polished this mofo off like a champ. No reference to the JBee’s flagship prod. Still, I’m beyond words. So good I almost died. Their Fish N’Chips also held up on its own. Amazingly low-priced, too.

Up next. Zark’s Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Burger. “He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.” WWZ II.

Cafe Caw | Green Tea Cupcake


DSC02539 DSC02537

CafĂ© Caw’s Green Tea cupcake shines in its simplicity. The cupcake base is vanilla with what I would imagine to be an infusion of green tea unlike your matcha-heavy usual, owing its name to the crown of matcha crumble around a generous dollop of cream cheese frosting. As with all sweets it’s best enjoyed with plain coffee. Americano, in this case.

The Gourmet Factory Smoked Cheddar Cheese


I told the new “muh-naeng” I wanted cheese and fruit for breakfast and she made do with The Gourmet Factory’s Smoked Cheddar by Lito Barba and the rather pedestrian Christmas gift basket Fuji’s on Emmanuela’s heat-pressed, recycled wine bottle cheeseboard. The bottle of Pear Tree White conveniently rolled in to complete the picture.

Cofifi’s Red Velvet Cronut and Cafe Americano

Cofifi's Red Velvet Cronut and Cafe AmericanoA few months late into the cronut craze and the verdict is dismal. Flaky-oily, terribly lacking in oomph and made that other doughnut chain ditty play endlessly in my head. Thankfully, they served a pretty strong Americano to mask that almost toxic flavor. The Red Velvet Cronut inset featured a dash of live ants, as well. Scrumptious