See It In Seaside

To the everyman, a mall is a mall is a mall. Maybe knowing that SM Seaside City Cebu is currently the third largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the fourth in the world would make a difference. For starters, that’s definitely a lot of space to explore.

The mall boasts of a two-story department store, a supermarket, a Centerstage theater, a Large Screen cinema, two Director’s Club cinemas, four regular cinemas, an eighteen-lane bowling center, a food court, and an Olympic-size ice skating rink. The rooftop Sky Park features multiple areas of engagement that also play host to daily themed activities aside from those at the massive event center, the Hall. As with the Mall of Asia, it also features an iconic structure, the sculptural piece called the “Cube.” From the main structure’s center rises a 150-meter tall tower which will soon house a viewing deck and restaurants. In its belly are a multi-level basement parking facility and an expansive public transport terminal. MyBus, hybrid European passenger buses, transport people through Starmall Azienda in Talisay, SM City Cebu, and Parkmall loops.

Presented with so much, the eye may be overwhelmed. We tend to see as everyone does and it all slips into the ordinary. Stuck, a change in what to look for may not be the key but rather to change how you look at what you already see — a new perspective. Making the familiar unfamiliar reveals opportunities that have previously been undiscovered. Try an alternate angle, imagine themes, take advantage of architectural details and finishes, and consider the most mundane. Sometimes most of what are special are just in plain sight.

See It In Seaside2

Take advantage of available framing devices.

See It In Seaside8

Look at the scenery from the flipside.

See It In Seaside11

Visible lines add a lot of depth.

See It In Seaside12

Clothing can help bring kinetic quality into photos.

See It In Seaside7

We’re usually quick to conveniently dismiss conveniences. MyBus can be an interesting photo story, too.

See It In Seaside14

Experiment with the camera’s yaw.

See It In Seaside9

Don’t just stand. Do something. Anything.

See It In Seaside3

Try “playing with the camera” literally.

See It In Seaside4

Movement in photos always looks great.

See It In Seaside5

Strong, solid, contrasting colors make for eye-popping images.

See It In Seaside6

Play around with the imagery present.

See It In Seaside1

As in a Wong Kar Wai; layers, layers, layers.

See It In Seaside

Keep an eye out for interesting details.

Capture vivid photos and hi-def videos using the ILCE-6000L camera from the Sony Center. A Momax Selfie Mini tripod would help keep the shot steady. Also for more serious selfies and groufies, this and many more accessories are available at JV Shop & Shop. Viewing your shots and editing on the fly is best on a laptop. Check out the powerful and efficient Acer VX 15 VX5-591G-70ME from Asiana. Reserve the heavier editing at home with an iMac Desktop from the iStore. When you’re clicking up a storm, make sure you have ample room to store your money shots. The Kingston 64GB Data Traveler 101 Flash Drive from CD-R KING or the Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive from Silicon Valley will surely have your back with backup. All these electronics would require serious juice. The Yoobao Power Bank from NGenius IT Hub will have those covered. Content, of course, would be useless if it’s not published. A Samsung Galaxy S8 and a Smart Bro LTE 2-in-1 Pocket Wifi from Smart will help get you connected. All these and more at the Cyberzone of SM Seaside City.

See it in Seaside!

Photos by Ezekiel Sullano

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