‘Twas The Nightmare Called Christmas Burgers


‘Twas the nightmare called Christmas Burgers
And all through the store
Holiday-colored burgers
Decorated the walls

I wasn’t really hungry
‘Bought them for novelty
One red and one green
I anticipated much satiety

The buns lacked much rise
They looked three days old
It must be the Allura Red
Or Green E143

The patties were signature Flame-It
But the buns ruined the score
They tasted so freaky
‘Had to hold them down the front door

Halfway through each
We left in a huff
Our bellies strangely heavy
When we didn’t even finish that stuff

Like a bad Christmas morning
‘Got a nasty surprise
It got us so gassy
‘Even bypassed turning into chyle

It all didn’t go down
The way that it should
One thing that’s for sure
‘Toilet sported a festive look

My God, that was gross
And nothing really rhymed
I think I am done


I really hated that.

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