World War Z III: Hamburgero VS Zark’s Tombstone Burger





Hamburgero VS Zark’s Tombstone Burger

Relentless. That’s what we are. For the third day in a row we found ourselves again at Zark’s.

Enter: Zark’s Tombstone Burger. A two-pound cheeseburger split into a stack of four half-pound patties covered with cheese sauce and served with 300 grams of fries.

A tombstone is an ornamental stone on a grave, often with the dead person’s name and dates of birth and death engraved on it. Zark’s aptly named this gigantic item as eating it may cause death not just by the sheer overload on your digestive capacities and your circulatory system but by the very fact that it is “so good you could die.”

Having survived Zark’s Jawbreaker and their Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Burger, I took on this behemoth to cap off my quick visit to the capital. The sight of it alone was daunting. People from the other tables were open-mouthed with awe.

The cheese sauce oozed out and smothered the bed of fries it was served on. It was too tall to be held by hand as a whole so I resorted to eating it “open-faced” with two patties on each bun. I eventually gave in and used utensils. The patties were well-charred and the cores retained a delicious medium rare pink. Almost like a greasy carpaccio. I opted for the same bourbon sauce I had a day earlier. Hmmm, bourbon. That’s another story. As with its siblings the two days before, it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Finishing the first two quarter pounds, I wisely took on the third just by itself. I was teary-eyed both with joy at finally having had the Tombstone and the sad fact that I just could not finish it. This time Zark’s won. I had to leave the fourth patty intact with the bottom bun. Hey, I gotta live to die another day.

Zark’s Burger’s. “It’s Fresh. It’s Huge. It’s Great.

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