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It is quite bold to claim that your shop offers everything yummy by naming it just that. Starting out as a home-based, delivery only operation, mad demand for Everything Yummy‘s Ribs pushed the quick expansion of what was only intended to be a pick-up outlet to a full restaurant with two branches — Piazza Elesia in Talamban and at eBloc 2, Cebu IT Park in Lahug.

That day’s chow crawl began with a swing by a streetfood find, Go Go Tokyo!!‘s Pork and Chicken Tonkatsu Sandwiches and Onigiri. While I enjoyed what was a substantial snack, I did not consider the possible food deluge from what I had lined up for the day.

Everything Yummy’s owner Hans Congmon had me gather some friends over to their eBloc 2 branch for lunch in what later appeared to be an attempt to murder us with food so good one could die. The willing victims in attendance were Doyzkie, Marco, Tine, The PussyKat and myself.


We opened with their Summer Salad. Romaine and Arugula provided a green base to the sweet-tartness of Mandarin Oranges and Sundried Tomatoes while Cucumber, Sunflower Seeds and Walnuts brought in the crunch all bound by a Mango Truffle Vinaigrette.


Their Gambas came served hefty with plump, fleshy prawns, instead of piddling shrimps, sautéed in garlic and chili oil. Garlic toast was inclusive to mop up the golden drippings.


A novelty as it is not one popped from the usual can, their Special Homemade Corned Beef had a comforting real meat texture and flavor. The meat’s “fibers” separating in stringy chunks come ready to mash into your choice of plain, garlic or salsa rice, even with mashed potatoes. An egg done sunny side up completed the set in this all-day breakfast dish.


The selection decidedly became aggressive when Hans dropped his Adobomb. This Spicy Adobong Tagalog, a saucy prep versus the Visayan fry-dry, was of large chunks of juicy lean cuts with some layers of buttery love. The sauce was mildly spicy with a hint of tart pairing well with. . .extra rice, please!


A distinct pleasantly spicy scent announced the Indian Chicken Curry. Resting on a bed of equally fragrant Basmati rice, chunks of all-meat chicken were swathed in a mellow yellow curry. Based on an authentic Indian recipe, the aromatics alone set the tone for the thorough enjoyment of this dish.


So you like the Chicken Curry, eh? Their beef version came as a follow-up to the earlier sensory assault. This spicier preparation was held up by the heavier meat, also served on Basmati rice.


Many islands in the area claim to specialize in roast chicken preparation that it has become quite regional. Enter Everything Yummy’s Lemongrass Chicken Inasal. Brined in a lemongrass infusion, the skin is roasted to a crisp with the meat remaining fall off the bome tender and tasty. Accompanying dips of spiced canola oil and vinegar help add additional flavor and bring out the vegetal lemongrass taste.


The flagship ribs came next. A mid rib cut houses tender, delicate meat marinated to a pleasant mellow with a hint of spice. A slightly sweet finish comes from a caramelization that can only result from a long, slow bake. These are available in half and whole slab portions to match the size of the dining party or the appetite.


All pork chop availabilities looking miniscule in comparison to their offering of at least an inch-thick cooked, this “Frenched” behemoth self-seals its juices in with an excellent searing. Cutting into the Champion Chops reveals the meat done to a soft, succulent medium well with restrained seasoning allowing one to savor the clean “sweetness” of the pork. A buttery strip of fat adds a flavor and texture dimension to the generous lean with a bed of vegetables making up for the guilty pleasure.


Moving in for the kill, Hans slapped a Harris Ranch US Black Angus Steak on the table. Done medium well, you could taste the slightly pinkish sweet meat contrasting with the exterior gritty char playing well with the spice rub. Meat, meat, meat. If this is what it means to be Paleo then I’m all aboard. A refreshing shredded salad in guava cream and a choice of Rice, Mashed Potatoes, French Beans & Carrots, or French Fries helped remind us of our omnivorous make.


Knowing that I’d ask for a burger on my death bed, they served up their Spanish Chorizo Burger. What seemed like half a dozen regular individual chorizos made their way into a huge chorizo patty. This homemade preparation is the sweet and spicy chorizo style with the pan grilling lacquering on a glaze with a good char. A rough slaw and  final topping of a fried egg malasado figured in what were gloriously juicy and pleasantly messy bites.


Seeing everyone down, Everything Yummy couldn’t have made death any sweeter than with Carmen’s Best Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Extra rich, extra creamy caramel ice cream with a saline pop had the table sighing and moaning into rigor mortis.

The well-curated, expanding menu by Han’s uncompromising stand on quality and consistency has the plus of considerations for the price-conscious Cebuano. Clearly a crowd favorite, now boasting the titles of Sun Star Cebu’s Best of Cebu 2014-Best Ribs and Best Pork Chops, it isn’t such a stretch to call themselves, as they are truly, Everything Yummy.

Everything Yummy is located at eBloc2, Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, (032) 410 6511 and at Piazza Elesia, Talamban, (032) 418 0081.

5 thoughts on “Everything Yummy

  1. Glad that you featured a lot of their dishes. I’d be a very willing victim too. I tried their dishes in their only existing branch (Talamban) at that time, that was around 2-3 yrs ago made it judt in time before they closed at 2 pm. It was our consultants who told us to try their food. How about doing Rodeo Grill?

    • I don’t think that’s even half of their lineup. Hehehe. Yup. Rodeo Grill is on the list. Give me time. You have no idea how many restos I have pending to eat at on top of those pending to be blogged about.

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