Yellow Cab Pizza’s Dear Darla Pizza

Darla was a pizza I ate before

I’ve known her, I guess, five years or so

Saw Darla on Yellow Cab’s menu one day

And this is what she had to say

Karlo, it appears you’ve forgotten me

You’ve moved on to other things as I can see

Been waiting for the day that I’d see you (er, again)

‘Thought we had love forever true

Then I asked for her once more

Up at the outlet on Ayala’s third floor

She arrived a hot mess all cut up in strips

Then I told Darla what I had to say

Darla, Darla please don’t cry

You’ll forget me by and by

It’s been a while, I’ve met someone new

Here she is, I’ll introduce her to you


The PussyKat sat with her feline smile

Darla displayed her thin crust wide

Pepperoni, olives and veggies on for the ride

Arugula and alfalfa on the side


I piled the greens on the crust

A chili oil and hot sauce splash was a must

Rolled the strip slice like sushi

And bit into that distant memory


Darla, Darla you haven’t changed

Crisp to the bite and never plain

How my tongue rejoiced at the herby taste

And…and…and at this point I’ve run out of rhyme… Damnit!


Dear Darla is Yellow Cab’s offering for the carb/calorie counting, health-conscious crowd with its thin crust and fresh veg topping feature. Named after the movie The Little Rascals’ famous scene where the male lead, Alfalfa, dictates a love/hate letter starting out with “Dear Darla”, this pizza is cut into strips instead of the standard wedges. Alfalfa sprouts, the only obvious connection to the movie, is spread out on top with arugula, drizzled with condiments to taste and rolled up. Tomato sauce, cheese, olives, onions and pepperoni keep it well within the definition of pizza to keep a hold on the reg pizza-loving crowd. Launched to some fanfare a few years ago, this offering is worth a revisit.

As usual I’ve taken liberties with the familiar and bastardized the classic Don’t Cry Joni to serve my purpose.

Yellow Cab is located at Ayala Center Cebu, Banilad Town Center and Cebu IT Park.

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