Hallow’s Win, Too

Continued from Hallow’s Win



Juan Calavera rose by midday. The noon sun bit into his flesh when he threw his bedroom door open. Snoop Dogg played on loop at the back of his head while ungainly feet shuffled him downstairs for his necromancy potion: coffee. His “bones” have faded out from last night’s shower. The afternoon dragged on and built up to a flurry of prep towards dark. ThePussyKat later came in to put on her Sugar Skull face as her version of La Muerte and to redo the inks. The rest went crazy with makeup and face paints then we all piled into the car for Tang Dynasty’s.

20141101_211238 (2)


We were greeted by a Christmas tree wrapped in black. Lady Eve had the decorator in a bit too early. The table was set with candles and black roses. A monster’s feast of Seafood Pasta, Pork Ribs, Pork Belly, Pork in Potatoes, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Chicken, Beef in Mushroom Gravy, Chicken Macaroni Salad, Ice Cream and Assorted Cookies and Pastries on it.

Her name is Lola. She WAS a showgirl.

Her name is Lola. She WAS a showgirl.


Giving Lilia Cantipay, yet again, a run for her money was Gran Regina. Zee was frighteningly real as The-Ghost-Of-That-Jose-Mari-Chan-Christmas-Album-That-Just-Refuses-To-Crossover-To-The-Next-Life.



As usual, Migs exerted tons of effort by coming as recently canonized Filipino Saint, Pedro Calungsod. Kung Fu King Chu Yan was all smiles as Joker while the Dragon Lady of the South took inspiration from Neverland and came as Petra Pan.


The rest of the cousins went crazy with American Horror Story and various TV series horror characters.

20141101_215115 (2)

It looked like we made good on making it bigger and better this year. The challenge now is how to top all this in the next one. Now who or what do I go as? Suggestions, anyone?

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