Hallow’s Win

Our very first family Halloween Party

Our very first family Halloween Party


Fire Prevention Month

Fire Prevention Month


Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration

Ah, Halloween. That other most wonderful time of the year. Over the years, The Island has slowly caught up with the West in the celebrations. Our clan of four families started our annual event a few years back to add to what used to be monthly, themed excuses to get together, dress-up and pig-out.


Each year proves more challenging with the need to top the previous’ antics. I’ve gone as Petunia The Dairy Godmother–wearing an inflatable suit, Doctor Facilier The Voodoo Man and then a “Shokoy” for our Pinoy Monsters & Mythology-themed year. Skipping the year I was on sabbatical abroad, we were determined to bring the crazy times back.


Taking inspiration from Rick Genest A.K.A. Zombie Boy, I tapped the talents of my high school batch mate and artist, Zach, to do my skeleton tattoos in ordinary, black permanent marker pens. Three hours of solid work and Juan Calavera came to life. We would have gone for more detail but we were pressed for time. The night had to begin.

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Coming from their office’s working Halloween celebration, The PussyKat had to chuck her Chinese Opera crown and face paint, as Puccini’s deadly and deathly Princess Turandot, to a more utilitarian Evil Aunt for ease of movement and, possibly, to comply with the requirements for #TitaMoves. I caught up with her and budding iPhone photographer, Isabel, who played a gender-bender Shark-Girl to her absent Lava-Boy, over their staple dimsum.

Dimsum Break's Steamed Fried Rice, Spring Rolls and Empress Rolls

Dimsum Break’s Steamed Fried Rice, Spring Rolls and Empress Rolls

Needing to keep all skin-and-bones in character, I had the KFC Gangnam Zinger Burger instead of a full meal. Basically your regular Zinger with a “Gangnam” sweet and spicy sauce, it would have made me bust a Psy if they used Kimchi instead of the usual lettuce. The Zinger fan in me didn’t allow any disappointment, though.

KFC Gangnam Zinger

KFC Gangnam Zinger

News of heavy traffic enroute to Paradise Village made us decide to skip that Trick-or-Treat event and waited out for the 10PM All Hallows Ball at The Cable Car. Coffees paid for seat space at the Starbucks of the Ayala Expansion Wing. A bathroom hallway shoot followed.

Nuts Sablee & Café Ameriano at Lady Jane

Nuts Sablee & Café Ameriano at Lady Jane

The day, the prep and the long wait was starting to zap the sap out of us. The Undead needed to stay alive and Lady Jane at One Paseo offered more caffeinated power. As usual, I’m all Café Americano but had a rather pricey Nuts Sablee cookie to go with it. The cookie was perfectly vanilla-plain, allowing the individual tastes of the almond, walnut, squash seed and peanut to pop from up top. Shark-Girl’s friend Patrick joined us shortly in his no-costume costume as a celebrity furniture designer’s doppelganger.

image (5)

Supernatural figures crowded The Cable Car from the outside including versions of pop characters from fiction. PR Pixie, Paula, erstwhile Goddess of the Cable Car and The Scrapyard, ushered us to our reserved table right smack in the middle of the action. Ordering a round of drinks, I bumped into King of the Cable Car and Lord of The Scrapyard, manager Nathaniel who later swung by with a plate of complimentary munchies. Ghouls cannot live on human innards alone.


Pat and Issa disappeared and returned to surprise us with Yellow Cab Pizza. I’m pretty sure that was an explosion of flavors but the tongue numbed by alcohol could no longer discern and the mindset turned more zombie. “Fooooood.”

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We were waiting for DJ Karl Chua to start his set but several rounds of drinks started amplifying everything. Or maybe we were just getting too old. Anyway, we decided to miss out. Driving by the outdoor Barcode party, we made our way to IT Park for yet another refresher meal. Feline, female, finicky and fickle, The PussyKat took forever to decide on her food choice and the lull of sleep tugged a greater pull on our eyelids. I later crawled into my bed with the roosters starting to call out the sun. Another day. Another night. Another party.

image (4)

To be continued…

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