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These Little Piggies | The Fat Pig Homebaker

The local cupcake industry may very well be The Cupcake Wars with baking short-courses churning runny, mishappen, quick-buck ambitions to muddle the pretty, sculpted-gumpaste frosting of the more artisan, more heartfelt of the scene. Well, these little piggies came into the market. These little piggies are keeping it home (for now, at least). These little piggies like their good meats. These little piggies are mixing those into their sweets. And these little pigs will soon be swinging, “Whee, whee, whee!”, taking accolades for their own.

You’ve got to have a terribly good sense of humor to call yourself a fat pig and only such cheeky playfulness could be a wellspring for great imagination. The Fat Pig Homebaker was born out the love of savories and sweets and the good notion to put these together in a bite. Often described to have weird tastes, always insisting on experimental and exploratory tags, I seem to have found kindred tastebuds. The first, and the only one I know of, to come up with such combos, TFP started with 8 signature cupcakes — BBQ Pulled Pork, Chorizo, The Early Bird, French Toast and Southern Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Mud, Some Mores — and slowly expanded their lineup.


My orders of two boxes with all their flavors available were delivered in the morning. The rest of the day stretched out to be a very extended Marshmallow Test for me to hold back for the planned unboxing with The PussyKat after hours. Piglets, as they were available in more manageable bite sizes, packed the golden boxes with a dozen each.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's BBQ Pulled Pork

Deceptively plain-Jane vanilla in its base and frosting, the BBQ sauce (homemade, I later learned) swirling hinted at the surprise of local-style pork barbie tucked inside the BBQ Pork Piggy. The smoky flavor of the meat jumps at you from the sweet background with a taste that wouldn’t be out of place at local BBQ collective, Larsian’s.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Chorizo

A butter cupcake housed minced chorizo bits and topped with vanilla frosting drizzled with more chorizo bits in their Chorizo Piggy. The butter flavor complimented the caramelized, meaty taste of chorizo. I would have preferred the chorizo to be on the spicy side but it was otherwise satisfactory with the starch-protein combination making it quite a dish by itself. Spice might also prove overwhelming to some given the already unusual sweet-savory partnering.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's French Toast

Chocolate is love. So is bacon. When these two come together they make one beautiful bastard. With a chocolate-covered, crispy bacon crown on a wig of vanilla, the French Toast Piggy makes one drop some Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat (this cup)cake!” The French Toast cupcake base makes quite the substantial petticoat to this dainty royalty.

The Fat Pig Homebaker'sThe Early Bird

Bacon, ham and cheese sat down for breakfast on a chocolate cupcake with a quail egg and hazelnut-vanilla cream to greet everyone a good morning in The Early Bird. It might as well be under the all-day listing as it rocked my socks off when I had one that night, too.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Piglet Pride

The rest of the Piglets came in more familiar flavors but with a little bit more oomph. Island colors dye a vanilla cupcake stuffed with whipped cream, topped with vanilla frosting and festive gold and silver sprinkles in Piglet Pride.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Cookie Carnival

The Cookie Carnival has crushed cookies on a whirligig of whipped cream sitting on a vanilla mini stuffed with more cookie bits.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Hazed and Confused

Hazed & Confused has that effect with a brown vanilla cupcake looking very chocolate and topped with homemade hazelnut fudge sitting in a well of vanilla frosting and Graham crumbing.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Smores

This microwave classic goes heavy in a chocolate chip cupcake stuffed with marshies, smothered in chocolate fudge and topped with a Graham square making you want “S’Mores”.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Dulce de Leche

Leche! My tonsils were already protesting but I couldn’t stop eating. Another mini vanilla stuffed and frosted with Dulce De Leche rounded off with the crunch from half a mini chocolate sandwich cookie in, well, the Dulce De Leche.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Boston Cream Pie

Chocolate frosting and ganache offsets the milky flavor of the custard that bursts into your mouth when you bite into the mini vanilla cupcake of Boston Crème Pie.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's Cinnamon and Peanut Butter

Cinnamon cupcake makes unusual bedfellows with peanut butter versus the expected fruit but is tied down with cinnamon frosting and ground almond in Cinnamon and Peanut Butter.

The Fat Pig Homebaker's It's So Choco Late

Last on the lineup, it was not too late for It’s So Choco Late — a chocolate cupcake stuffed with chocolate, chocolate frosting and chocolate chips.

Insulin levels spiking and throat a-screaming, I finished about a liter of water in a sitting. It probably was not a good idea to have all that in one go but whether I’d give these another whirl, with appropriate pacing and moderation, this little piggy cried, “Oui, oui, oiu!” These little piggies have a new home. My belly.


The Fat Pig Homebaker is currently operating out of a house of bricks. You can huff and puff for your orders on their Facebook page, on Instagram: @thefatpigph or contact the head hog, Alfred, at 09231467601.

Photo credits: Closeups were stolen from The Fat Pig Homebake’s Facebook account. I’m sure they don’t mind.

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