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Fashion — novelty and trends — dictates the norm. From the most outward manner of dress down to manner of behavior, life is a ride on the rollercoaster tracks of constant change. It is on those ever higher crests and wilder loops that fashion survives on.


Challenging the local modelling agency scene with their subscription to international standards, a group of enterprising individuals came together and formed Prestige Modelling Agency (PMA). At their exclusive press launch at The Marriot-Cebu City last week, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Arnold J. Echevarria, Chief Finance Officer Mr. Glen C. Labradilla, and General Affairs Manager Mr. Adam A. Resurreccion wowed the crowd on behalf of their President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Heindrich Marty Torres.


Setting themselves apart primarily with strict adherence to more global gatekeepers, they have a roster of ramp models standing no less than 5’10” for males and crushed me by the fact that I barely pass even for their female height requirement of 5’7″. Currently catering to demands for the ramp, Mr. Echevarria was quick to soothe the sore by announcing that they would be more forgiving in their openings for print . There was a glimmer of hope for myself and the rest of the great unwashed until he quickly followed up with the fact that the offsets would be in other demigod physical attributes like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle abs. No, of course, he didn’t really say that last part. My shattered self-esteem interpreted it that way. Stuck at twenty one, I, at least, made their 17-23 age min-max. I’m sure there would be future shows like Father’s Day: Daddy Dressing, for example. I think I’d make a good non-#TitoMoves Dad.


The only local agency to boast of a model’s staff house “like in the popular Next Top Model TV series”, Prestige provides “modelling workshops , comprehensive personality development training and intensive character building activities” to its talents with top-caliber mentors from the industry. Like its acronym-sake, the Philippine Military Academy, PMAs strict codes of conduct extend to their model’s lifestyles and personal health habits to ensure competency and quality of performance. The company also provides “portfolio books containing the body of work for each of the talents, which is rare among its competitors within the city but is a common practice in the international industry.”


As a preview for their grand launch in an Urban Uprising-themed fashion show slated for October 17 at The Gallery of Ayala Center-Cebu, a bevy of models took to the runway in items from participating providers and local designers.

Fashions affect even the landscape of the very basic need for food. With the rise of food focus in the mainstream came snobbism and it’s antithesis, romanticization of the everyday, the plebeian, the mundane. In that development, the ranges of abundance and scarcity throughout time have convoluted the concepts of beauty. Utilitarian stocky gave way to the Rubenesque to the emaciated and the hypocrisies in between. This is me vainly trying to segue into tying up this post with food. This is still a food blog, after all. On to the spread.


The Marriot was by no means modest with its definition of light lunch buffet. Skipping the Egg Drop Soup, plain rice, Mashed Potatoes and the Rolls, I started with the Greek Salad of black olives, tomatoes, red onions, scallions and Feta cheese. Fed exclusively on goat’s milk as a cow’s milk-intolerant tot, I came to love Feta. Its crumbly saltiness played well with the aggressive onions and black olives and the sweet-tartness of the tomatoes.


Justifying that the protein content of the Spring Rolls trump the carbs in its rice flour wrapper, I included a split single piece with some Grilled Vegetables and a small slice of Roast Chicken breast. The lightly-grilled cucumber and eggplant slices took on some weightiness with the basing of olive oil. The chicken was delightfully saucy without the meat taking on too much of the seasoning, coming off with the clean, white meat taste.


Still on a protein bent, I took on some Pork Medallions in Gravy and a few cutlets of Pork Belly. Here the protein by weight clearly outweighs the carbs in the cornstarch used to thicken the gravy.


Quite happy with my self-control, this dog rewarded himself with a teensy slice of Blueberry Cheesecake and a shot glass of Tiramisu from the dessert selection. The cheesecake was thankfully not of the gelatin-extender variety and had the distinct taste of cream cheese with the real blueberry sitting on the blanket of blueberry sauce adding to its cheesecake cred. A cake-base replaced the usual coffee-soaked ladyfingers in the Tiramisu with what seemed like heavy cream instead of Mascarpone, taking on more of the Cocoa flavor from its dusting. It was otherwise pleasant and satisfying.


The models later joined us at our tables for lunch. I thought my pickings from the buffet were already quite modest until she-of-a-waistline-no-bigger-than-one-of-my-thighs sat across me with a bowl of soup, two spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and a few slices of grilled vegetables. So ended the afternoon where we “Posed with fashion, Strutted with elegance, Walked with Prestige” and where I highly questioned my self-image. Surely there is an easier way to peek over my full-term belly at my nether parts. I briefly curled up into fetal position to sob uncontrollably then off I went to a second lunch meet.


Prestige Modelling Agency is located at S202 Sonrisa Suites, 175 Juana Osmena Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City. Contact them at (032) 254-2953. You can also visit and, Twitter: @models_prestige and Instagram: @PrestigeModellingAgency. More serious information after the page break.

Photo Credits to Francisco Yosores of Fyosores Photgraphy

Prestige gives the local modelling scene a world-class flair.

On the brink of Metro Cebu’s flourishing commercial, advertising and fashion industries, a business entity committed to providing upscale and commendable models carves its niche in the heart of the Queen City. Hailing models from all over Cebu and across the neighboring islands of Visayas and Mindanao, Prestige Modelling Agency (PMA) takes pride in being the catalyst for a lift in the local industry landscape.

With key players in the scene as consultants in putting lie to its vison, Prestige is a reliable corporate partner–training its talents of different ages and diverse races to exude notable professionalism in print, ramp and commercial modelling, setting to go at par with world-class standards. A case in point: its height requirement. Although a little exception may be spared for its print models, Prestige breeds female runway models who stand no less than 5’7″ and male runway models no less than 5’10”. Another one of its key features would be the provision of portfolio books containing the body of work for each of the talents, which is rare among its competitors within the city but is a common practice in the international industry.

At its helm and prime mover as Chief Executive Officer and president is Mr. Heindrich Marty Torres competently assisted by Mr. Arnold J. Echevarria as Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Glen C. Labradilla as Chief Finance Officer and Mr. Adam A. Resurreccion as Manager.

By providing updated modelling workshops , comprehensive personality development training and intensive character building activities, Prestige models are ensured to perform and deliver competency at any level of given tasks and assignments.

As a grand welcome to this roster of high caliber models to the city, Prestige invites local designers, its friends in the media, marketing managers and a league of Cebu’s socialites to its official launch on October 17 at The Gallery of Ayala Center- Cebu. In an Urban Uprising-themed celebration, witness its talents walk the talk and strut the runway in ensembles from Mango, Promod, Ever New, Guess and homegrown designer, Hanz Coquilla’s collection.

For more information about Prestige Modelling Agency, visit its headquarters along S202 Sonrisa Suites, 175 Juana Osmena Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City from 1:00PM to 9:00PM on Mondays through Saturdays or contact them at (032) 254-2953. You can also visit and or reach them through Twitter at @models_prestige and Instagram: @PrestigeModellingAgency.

— Prestige Modelling Agency Official Press Info

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