Swiney Todd | Treat Street Cafe

End-of-months provide both relief and further anxiety. The ebb in glad-that’s-over is met by the strong tide of shoulda-coulda-woulda’s and often, the surge of backlogs. As we all lean towards the quick fix, however cosmetic and passing, we opt for the pick-me-up and the pat-on-the-back of, often the sugary, treats.


Swamped thru closing and too tired to consider a proper, full meal, we made our way to this quiet, little standalone on the Muji side of the Expansion Wing of Ayala Center-Cebu: Treat Street Café. Done up in the currently ubiquitous industrial-loft chic, it featured a chilled-display and a high bar counter with some tables and chairs out front in a refreshingly simple setup to its usually garish kiosk-brethren.


Starting off with savories, their Spicy Lechon Pie hinted at a Mrs. Lovett but sat quite innocently in its perfectly plain pie crust. Biting into it revealed a steaming mass of shredded Cebuano Lechon. Veritably the Demon of Treat Street, its porcine goodness embraced my taste buds while making good of its spicy label with a soft, slow and lingering burn not too overwhelming. I was already raising my hand to summon seconds when The Pussykat shoved another plate in front of me.


The Treat Street Pie had a dark chocolate cookie crumb base filled with walnuts in caramel, slathered with chocolate fudge then topped with a thick layer of cream and dusted with chocolate shavings. Fans of nutty pies and those of chocolate would happily skip about hand-in-hand after having this. Being one of both, I did with myself in my head.


Way in over our heads and too into the reward, we thought another treat wouldn’t hurt. Muted green and gray colors wouldn’t score high on cake-peacockery but the label only had to show me “green tea” in Green Tea and Black Sesame Cake to get to grab me by the collar. Looking quite dense, the actual green tea cake was chiffon-light with the generous green tea and black sesame frosting also surprisingly light–the flavors allowed to stand out with the extreme restraint on sugar. My usual Americano didn’t have much sweet to counterbalance but went well with the unusual flavor pairing.


The couple at the next table had what looked like a Red Velvet Cake and a Brownie, both ala mode. Tempting. But there’s always a next time.

Treat Street Café is located at the 2nd Level of the Expansion Wing of Ayala Center-Cebu, Cebu City.

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