Betta’ Carotene | La Vie Hamburgero

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, so goes an old saying. Stemming from disappointment over La Vie Parisenne-Ayala’s Carrot “Ice Cream” was the urge to make a decent one. I deemed it necessary to appease my own tongue.

Carrot Ice Cream at La Vie Parisienne-Ayala

Carrot Ice Cream at La Vie Parisienne-Ayala

I demanded carrots from our Girl Friday when I got home, washed and peeled those before freezing for the next twenty-four hours. I popped one into our Yonanas unit and let it rip. It came out rough and minced, much like the one from La Vie. I guess the cellular make of carrots, its low water content and the regular freezing process does not make it quite viable for yo-ing. I considered boiling or steaming a fresh batch to soften it and to allow the heat to render its natural sweetness but impatience got to me.


I previously mentioned that carrots have a similar flavor profile as mangoes and thought those would provide a more fibrous, more moist base to give the end product an ice cream-like texture. I luckily had a batch of golden yellows ready in the freezer. Two slices of mango went into the unit with two large carrots. Out came magic. I gave that a quick whirl in a blender to mix the fruit and vegetable portions well. I funneled the mixture into a small tube-ice plastic bag and taped one end into a conical shape. Some embroidery thread wound up around it to hopefully give it circumferential lines as on a real carrot after refreezing.


*drumroll…* Tadaaa! Betta’ Carotene! Carrot (with a bit of Mango) Yo served with fresh Mango Puree. Non-dairy, no added sugars, all-fruit and veg. The carrot taste still came out on top of the mango in the yo and could be eaten as is. The puree allowed customization of the level of sweetness. All taste-testers at home loved it and are still alive and kicking as of publishing.

Tell me your ice cream sob stories. Maybe we can turn that frown upside-down. 😉

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