Try Tetris | Brique Modern Kitchen


It would have been a quiet dinner had Adele not been endlessly warbling about her pain from the moment we stepped in. Floor-to-second-floor-ceiling glass gave way to the bare concrete, wood and brick interior at Brique Modern Kitchen. We were quickly ushered to our reserved seats on the mezz floor to a view of Salinas Drive.


The eager staff impressed as much as the clipboard menu did. Our server apologized that they did not have any burgers but quickly directed me their list of sandwiches instead. Torn between the BFC and Lechon Belly Sandwiches, I went for the former on her personal recommendation. We ended up getting the Lechon Belly Sandwich anyway as The PussyKat’s choice of Drunken Sardines from the breakfast menu was no longer available past five in the afternoon.


Served on a wooden board with a side of chips, the Brique Fried Chicken Sandwich had a crispy, Southern fry smothered in tasty coleslaw and stuffed in a Kaiser bun. I’ll admit I’m partial to the mayo-cabbage-carrot combo. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with that. Even harder when it’s married to deep-fried poultry.


An extra sweet iced tea would have gone with the whole Southern theme but the fancier Minty Lime-ade caught my eye. It passed as a virgin mojito with a generous muddling of mint leaves and some clouding with a lime concentrate, the sours cutting through the grease and heavy mayo.


Sizeable slivers of lechon, with crispy skin intact, filled a Kaiser bun in a no-rice twist to a local classic. A Caesar dressing made for a very interesting sauce to the meat, bringing to mind a non-spicy dinikdikan (pork belly, spring onions and chilies in mayo). Crispy roast pork in white bread is always a winner.

The PussyKat’s Milo Dinosaur was a tad bit disappointing in price coming off rather Compsognathid than Tyrannosaurian(yes, I’m a dino-geek) in serving size and drink-to-Milo ratio. Still, it would score high in nostalgia if you’ve ever had one off a street cart.


Topped with torched marshmallows, a decadent chocolate fudge brownie with a graham crust made up the Fudged S’mores dessert. I just wish they more than two pieces of the rock sugar-crusted shortbread that they served on the side. Those made excellent dippers into the warm, gooey dish.

Towards the end of the meal, Adele bled her greatest hits dry and threw in some beats for an EDM remix. That was our cue to exit. I was initially quick to dismiss this much ballyhooed joint but having sampled only very few items on their menu and having enjoyed those very well, I would now say it’s pretty good. Good enough to make you, excuse me, shit bricks.

Brique Modern Kitchen is located between Chik-an and ACT along Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.

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