Kickin’ Little | Little India

You’d spot a tiny explosion of color at the corner of that disjointed strip of the Raintree Mall. A surly-looking tita looks out from behind the counter through the glass storefront as if to dare you to come in. Taking up the challenge, The PussyKat and I found ourselves in that four square meter jewelry box called Little India. Okay, maybe it was around ten.

Little is an understatement with shallow wall-counter table seating for a shoulder-to-shoulder ten stools split into wall and street views. Possibly seeking to foster a sense of community among its patrons, one is almost guaranteed to make friends on good night. The tita, curt as she looks, took our orders like she meant only business. I let it slide, still on a sugar high from a neighboring milk tea shop, while trying to keep The PussyKat’s claws sheathed. We limited our orders to a pre-dinner snack number.


Chunks of yellow curry-spiced chicken swathed in buttery cheese exploded from the samosa shell looking strangely a lot like an empanada. Only two pieces a set, we just had to get another. I suspected a potato extender but we finished those too fast to be absolutely sure.


The Chicken Kebab Roll was on the slim side considering similar wrap items from other Indian restos on The Island. Its innards all a blur on the tongue, it was pretty tasty but rife with a fastfoody feel cemented by a, although not at all bad, toasted flour wrap that Coronel Sanders wouldn’t mind having it as an exotic member of his Twister lineup.


Still left wanting, we followed up with a Chicken Biryani. Rice, saffron for color, spices, some veg, whispers of scrambled egg and an archeological dig for the chicken. *bobbles head*


Lassis usually skirt the P100 tag and we were quite happy they came cheap here only to learn that those also came a third of the usual size. As with her rice, The PussyKat can hardly resist an Indian Chai. Served some ten seconds short of hot from the microwave, this one was heavy on milk with enough zing from the spice.

As Mr. India’s little sister, Little India is little everything –from space to scaled down prices and portions, but is still worth a try for the scaled down budget.

Now, let’s dance!

Little India is located at Raintree Mall, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City.

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