Cup o’ Cake | Country Basket


“That Chocolate Barrel Cake looks like it’s spent a few days on the display chiller.”, I pointed out to The PussyKat while we took forever to pick our sweet fix. The KitKat fencing sported a zebra-stripe bloom and the chocolate candy topping bleached and bleeding. The overly enthusiastic attendant chimed in, “Bag-o na namo, ser!* I must look really stupid or good help is just hard to come by nowadays.

20140808_204517 We wanted only to somehow counter the MSG from our dimsum dinner and picked two cupcakes from a selection to wash down with an Americano. A stone’s throw from JY Square Discovery Mall, Country Basket first caught my attention earlier this year in my hunt for Azabu — a failed mission finding both joints still closed at 10AM.


The tight, long, two-story space seemed inspired by container van construction and had me reconsidering my future, progressive eco-home dreams. Decked in pastels and some craft movement quirk, it remained the inviting space it was on my bum visit.


Ever the chocoholic, I attacked the Chocolate Brownie Cupcake first only to be dismayed that I had to put some elbow into cutting through it with a fork. The dehydrated frosting promptly came off in one piece, revealing a condensation where it uncoupled, suggesting close relations to that Chocolate Barrel Cake. The equally dehydrated base strangely remained quite tasty. I bet a fresh one would be a killer. That I’ll have to come back for.


Gingerly poking the Very Blueberry Cupcake with a fork, the frosting yielded instantly to my relief. A dollop of blueberry jam on the frosting  lightly laced with the same flavor began the very of the moist, blueberry-infused base. A saving grace to its brown brother, it defined fresh in comparison.

The bitters balancing out the above sugars, the medium roast Arabica brew was light on the tongue, had a soft mouthfeel with a distinct acidity and aftertaste familiar to men who really know their women.


I was tempted to try out another item when my waistband reminded me what the operative word of skinny jeans is. A Crème Brulee Cupcake winked at me on our way out, knowing I’ll be back.


Country Basket is located at JY Prestigio, Lahug, Cebu City.

*”That’s our new item, Sir”

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