Michael’s Daily + Coffee | Michel’s Deli + Cafe


Swimming always works up an appetite. Still in our skivvies and wrapped in towels, we scoured the rest of the One Paseo stretch for brunch options. Michel’s Deli + Café flipped their sign to OPEN as if on cue. The attendant must have been used to towel-clad Koreans from the neighborhood coming in for breakfast, welcoming us in like we were regulars.


A good third of the cavernous space was occupied by café seating up front, rows of shelves and racks lining the walls with an assortment of wines and imported goodies, more displays filling up the central space and a deli butchery on the far end. Damp, we settled where whatever sun let through the looming rain clouds streamed from the large-paned storefront windows.


I’d usually just have a four-egg scramble with a plain black for breakfast but being that we’re at Michel’s, I imagined Teedduh Aampuhreedowh would like to serve me Eggs Benedict. Two beautifully poached eggs lay on sheets of buttery soft ham folding over the edges of the toasted baguette it was served on. The cheesy Hollandaise sauce was torched as an additional touch. Teeduh knew I preferred eggs unsalted, allowing the appreciation for the subtle flavor of the ham and the more aggressive savories from the sauce. I wiped my plate clean with the crusts, sopping up every drop of the glorious, runny mess.


The PussyKat has yet to learn to let her grains go and ordered a Tapsilog. Yes, Teeduh, in her magnanimity, tries to make herself more accessible. See: Pino. Paying thrice the price for a cleanly-plated version of fare from your neighborhood Sinangag Express, one must consciously factor in ambience. The furniture here wasn’t done in just Mayon brand Mahogany varnish, mind you. Then again, how can anyone revolutionize a Silog without departing from its simplistic preparation. For what it was, it was good.


Browsing the menu for seconds, The PussyKat reminded me we had an invitation to review a lunch buffet. I guess the rest of their selections will have to wait for another visit.

Michel’s Deli + Café is located at One Paseo, Maria Luisa Estate Park, Paseo Saturnino, Lahug Cebu.

2 thoughts on “Michael’s Daily + Coffee | Michel’s Deli + Cafe

    • It was a conscious effort to lower my daily salt intake to allow room for that at eat-outs. Also, to prevent bloating. It started during one cutting phase and worked itself into something of habit. Most hams can be quite salty. The sauce does it for me most of the time, too.

      The first time I’ve had soy sauce with eggs was in that Kaya Toast Set at Killiney Kopitiam. That was quite a novelty for me but something I don’t see myself doing regularly.

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