Goodbye Little Saigon Big Bangkok

Two hours on the gridlocked transit to the Qube Gallery for the Sio Montera exhibit was enough to work up a good appetite. Make that a definite hunger. The Rose’ and the nibbles-gone-cold from Hola Espana held us long enough to check out the works and mingle. No. 7 from a particular series of smaller, more, er, affordable pieces looked very appealing until it morphed into a plate of Phad Thai so we slipped out of the hall and deeper into One Paseo Saturnino to Little Saigon Big Bangkok. The smell of plumerias wafting from the cluster of trees nearby almost convinced us to settle in outdoor seating but the days heat rising from the earth to meet the cold of the looming rain drove us indoors.


A meal at LSBB is never started without their signature Lemongrass Iced Tea and Mieng Kham. We ordered the Vietnamese classic Goi Con with Pork to round up the appetizers like we really needed further encouragement. These spring rolls spelled fresh and light even when packed with shrimp, vermicelli noodles, carrots, cucumber, lemongrass, herbs and grilled pork wrapped in delicate rice paper , with sweet ginger and chili dipping sauces.


Favoring food I can pick up with my hands, I had to have a Bahn Mi while the PussyKat got the “LSBB One” feature dish, Chicken Rendang. The Bahn Mi was an entire French Baguette, split into more manageable halves, generously slathered with homemade chili-mayo and packed with yielding pork, cucumber, cilantro, cilantro, cilantro and onions.


Their Chicken Rendang, an Indonesian-style of cooking in coconut curry, proved heavy on flavor with the delicate sweetness of the coconut still discernible along the heat from the curry. Heavy on the belly, too.


Sadly Kim and Tuptim dishes out the fare above for the last time on, June 24, 2014, a notice on the chalkboard announced. A follow-up message noted a move to a new location. So while a song played on a solo saxophone ushered us out, with full bellies and hearts heavy with anticipation for LSBB’s near-future development, we held each other tight and danced like it’s the last night of the world.

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