Kai All-You-Can-Eat Burgers and Sandwiches

“All-You-Can-Eat Burgers and Sandwiches”, a tiny newspaper ad called out to me. Perfect! I’d just have to stretch my usual noontime breakfast schedule for two more hours for the buffet opening schedule. Kai at the Best Western Plus Lex Cebu was empty save for a table when I walked in twenty minutes to two. Aptly, Kai is an ethnic Kiwi word meaning “to devour”, so named by the owner’s daughter who spent a considerable length of time in New Zealand.

While the buffet was still being laid out, I envisioned assortments of burgers and sandwiches artfully arranged in neat rows or piled atop one another. Oh, well. One can daydream. It was more of a pick-and-mix, assisted build-a-burger/sandwich affair. The deviation from expectation was helped by the wait staff’s gracious accommodation of my request for them to put together some burger and sandwich items from their regular ala carte menu.


I started off with a Kai Bacon Cheeseburger. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon…and oh, beef patty, quickmelt cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce on sesame burger buns. It goes without saying that bacon is love. The 100% New Zealand beef, subtly seasoned with salt and pepper, was cooked to a soft, right-just-about-done and featured near-invisible micro-gratings of carrots. The inclusion of that fiber was welcome considering the amount of red meat I was planning to consume.


Club Kai Sandwich skipped the classic lettuce in favor of crisp, freshly-cut cucumbers and retained the cheese (cheddar in this case), tomatoes, ham, bacon and generous cutlets of grilled chicken with a conservative dollop of mayo, as opposed to the usual drenching, all on toasted wheat bread. Some egg would have made it the ultimate hi-protein meal.


The egg I was wanting came poached in the next entry, the Croque Madame. This lady had the usual elements of ham, cheese, egg and bread with a petticoat of lettuce and sandwich spread. While the classic would have hard cheeses, this version was served with quickmelt which complimented the runny yolk.

Hungarian sausages were not included in the buffet so they substituted Chicken Sausages in their Hungarian Dowg. Slices of chicken sausage rested on a piece of cheddar grilled onto half a ciabatta, topped with Vidalla onions caramelized in olive oil.

The menu featured a Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger but they were fresh out of pineapple during my visit. Their Southern Fried Chicken Burger was unavailable, as well. Then again, these and their ingredients are not regular inclusions of the buffet. Price per pax includes salads, regular and flavored fries and unlimited Kai Iced Tea. Special thanks to the attendant Ino and Chef Mickey for their accommodation and excellent service.

All-You-Can-Eat Burgers and Sandwiches at Kai at the Best Western Plus Lex Cebu runs until August 2014. See you there!

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