Agony & Ecstasy

This heat. This tropical heat. Oppressive. Since my return home a few months ago, I have singlehandedly doubled our power bill with 24/7 air-conditioning and incessant opening of the fridge.

Ice creams and other frozen concoctions have been a big part of island life. These mostly sugar-upon-syrup-upon-some-other-sweets have also been a big part of the nation’s collective waistline. While these coolants start off innocently enough as plain fruit, they just wouldn’t go without the addition of full-cream milk, sugar and (why, oh, why?) condensed milk. Now able to enjoy all-fruit, no sugar, no dairy frozen fruit desserts with Yonanas, I had to take the quintessential summer fruit for a spin: Watermelon.

I cut a large watermelon in half then cut deep into the flesh just up to the inner wall of the “shell”, taking care not to cut all the way through as it will later be used as a mold and serving base. I progressively cubed into the flesh until all of it was removed. The remnants were cleanly scraped off. It got tedious where I had to remove all the seeds with a knife tip but the seedless variety wouldn’t have been as sweet. The cubes were frozen for 24 hours and the empty shell was chilled. The cubes were later Yo’d, packed back into the empty shell and refrozen for a few hours until it held form. Cut into wedges with its shell as you would the real fruit, tadaaa . . . the Yotermelon!


Also in the effort to keep cool, try the Chilled Watermelon Shelmet.


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