Burger Cupcakes

Little burgers, quite literally. For my Annual Auto-Update event: Hamburgero | 21finity, Chedz Designer Cakes came up with these charming little slider cupcakes. Plain vanilla cupcakes cut across in half for the top and bottom bums with a chocolate cake patty, red, green and yellow icing for the tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. The guests got quite a kick out of these.

Guest Chammy Burgerzilla inhales a Burger Cupcake

Guest Chammy Burgerzilla inhales a Burger Cupcake

As with form, Chedz definitely kept up their standards of taste and quality. The vanilla and chocolate layers married well with the subtly-sweet icing with each bite. Well, each took no more than three each. It’s the kind of cake you’d want to have with a cold glass of milk. I did with some of the leftover cake when I got home. Heeeeeee…

Burger cake

Worth mentioning is my giant burger cake from last year’s event, Hamburgero | Forever 21, also by Chedz designer cakes. Vanilla cake burger buns sandwiching a chocolate cake patty with gumpaste tomatoes, lettuce and cheese, served with a generous side of very tasty Cookie “Fries”. Yummymummy.

Contact Chedz here.

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