Yo [sic] Are Gold! (Gold!)

You are Gold (gold)
You’re indestructible, always believe in…
–Gold, Spandau Ballet

In an old TV ad for a local rum brand, the man next only to Chuck Norris in awesomeness: Steven Segal, declared that he “found gold in the Philippines”–a rum variety aged fifty years. What he did not discover was a sweeter kind of gold, one that grows from trees plentiful among the islands: mangoes.

Mangoes have long been cultivated in Southeast Asia. It is the national fruit of the Philippines and the pride of The Island, Cebu, where the sweetest mangoes are grown. Famous for our dried mangoes worldwide, the local industry has also come up with several other products and permutations from nectars to purees, candied fruit and fruit combinations to meal items. It IS gold.

Naturally, mangoes were next on my list for yo…er, ing, The result was naturally sweet with an almost creamy texture akin to very thick puree. This would make a great alternative for fresh mangoes in preparations like the Cebuano favorite Puto, Mangga ug Sikwate (sticky rice, mangoes and native chocolate sauce), Mango Float, Mangoes and Tapioca for the summer. Hmmmm. Now those are some ideas for future “yocreations”. Heck, it’s perfectly good just on its own.


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