Hastang lami-a’s burikat!

Double entendre is something that has become very Filipino. Sexual references permeate everyday conversation. Colloquials, coinphrases and novelty jingles involving dirty wordplay are so common that even young schoolkids utter these, hopefully, in innocent ignorance.

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Burikat is the vernacular for prostitute, now also referring to loose women not necessarily into the world’s oldest profession. That this soft roll and/or its red-dyed pudding filling is made from days-old bakeshop leftovers, it being “used” and as a reference to the rather, er, sensual color, earned it that name. Pan Burikat.

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Terribly unremarkable in taste with its only defining characteristic being it’s coloring, it brings about a homey feel from nostalgia and a naughty curl to the lips from the reference. Industry geniuses later came up with a variety of color options and appropriate alternative names with the crackdown by the very zealous local anti-indecency groups.

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Inspired by The Cupcake Theory’s Red Velvet Cheesecake in a Jar, I crumbed up some Pan Burikat and layered it with Sour Cream and Cream Cheese in a clear container. Tadaaa! Burikat in a Bottle! The bland, dry bread crumbs gave into the tangy creaminess of the Sour Cream and Cream Cheese with the slightly sweet bread pudding balancing it out. The help loved it! How’s that for a market test? LOL

Pan Burikat is available at most corner bakery stores all over The Islands.

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