Yo! Yes! Yes, Yo!

Product sampling at supermarkets is one of my guilty pleasures. These sections are the supermarket equivalents of clothing stores’ “boyfriend/husband couches”. Our bimonthly foray into S&R had me coming across the booth for Dole on my way to the cheese display. “Yonanas. The Healthy Dessert-Maker.”, the sign said.


Torn between my love for good food and maintaining my Ryan Gosling-like physique, I am easily drawn to anything labeled healthy. “No Dairy” and “No Added Sugar” pulled me closer. The tiny sample cup had me at “Hey, Yo.”

The banana yo amazingly had the consistency of heavy ice cream sans the ice crystals that form in those long in freezer storage. It was unbelievably sweet for an item with no added sugar. We just had to have a unit. My quest for cheese was immediately forgotten in favor of fruits.

All the fruits were immediately processed and frozen upon arrival at home. I went to bed like a schoolboy eager to check on his science project the next day.


Attempt One was for The Classic: frozen, slightly-overripe “Cheetah-skinned” bananas. I had a pack of Pili & Pino brand Toasted Coconut Granola I wanted to have with yogurt and my Yonana proved a perfect alternative base. The Squash Seeds and Cashews provided a nutty crunch to the slightly chewy texture of the honeyed oats and the caramel-smokiness of the Toasted Coconut, all melding into the creamy, tropical sweetness of the banana yo. A cold, creamy crunch that won’t lay waste to your ab crunches.

Yo on, young man. Yo on.

Yonanas units are available at your leading department stores and supermarkets. We got ours at S&R Membership Shopping in Cebu.

Pili & Pino brand Toasted Coconut Granola is available at Kate’s Bakeshop at Rustan’s Supermarkets, at Ayala Center Cebu, and at Oats & Berries health shop at Robinson’s Cybergate. A separate post will be dedicated to this item.

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