‘Shroom Soup Cupcakes

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Owing to The Island’s rich Chinese heritage, I grew up well-acquainted with Chinese cuisine, especially Dimsum, and it’s many regional variations and localized versions. The popular dumpling chain Din Tai Fung on Orchard Road in Singapore gave me my first taste of the magical Xiaolongbao. I got hooked.

Xiaolongbao is a type of steamed bun or baozi filled with soup. Xiaolongbao, literally meaning small steaming basket buns, are popularly referred to as soup dumplings in English.

Proof of God’s existence is in the availability of this two-in-one dish at Choi City, an uncompromisingly Chinese restaurant, at the Banilad Town Center. Fresh off an all-you-can eat lunch there, where I had two steamers of Xiaolongbao to myself, I itched to spawn my own bastards.

A Google search presented a quick recipe for soup muffins. Bisquick, milk and condensed soup. My choice was Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom. You can’t go wrong with that. Mix, knead in the base, fill with soup, top off with batter, bake and… tadaaa!

Mogu Xiaolong Dangao! Mushroom Soup Cupcakes, directly translated from Chinese.

Just cool enough to handle, I bit into one fresh from the pan. Party in my mouth. Bisquick’s slightly savory taste worked well with the soup filling. It’s like one of those saucy dishes you like to mop off your plate with bread. Each bite dripping with soupy goodness.

That was quite a success for a try. Well, Campbell’s has so many other soups in their lineup. What’s next?



Credits to my favorite cousin, Pamela, for her able assistance. Don’t worry Other Cousins. You’re favorites at opportune times, too.

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