Not So Big Daddy





We finally caught the much-hyped Big Daddy Food Truck at the parking lot of Chika-an Lahug. I have been itching to try their fare for weeks. It didn’t help that I kept catching endless reruns of Bourdain’s No Reservations featuring the Korean-Mexican fusion food truck, Kogi. A visit would make it to my To-Do list daily and would slowly get edged off as each busy day progressed.

I stepped into the lot with a spring in step like a giddy schoolboy, the PussyKat in tow. The truck was a schoolbus-yellow and awash with lights. Monobloc chairs and tables were scattered on the pebble-covered slope out front. Orders were placed through the driver’s-side window and items picked up at the open counter along the same side, both positioned a little too high up for the Pinoy of average height. Potential hot hamburger facials here. Thankfully, my mutation-acquired abilities of extreme agility and reflex allow me to avoid such unfortunate events.

Like in every new place, I ordered their classic. The Big Daddy Burger was listed on the menu to have “more than a quarter pound patty with BIGDADDY sauce topped with lettuce, tomato and onion.” Having the word “big” in mind and surrounded by their brand labels, the foil-wrapped burger came out smaller than how I pictured it to be. Maybe “more than a quarter pound” was the weight pre-cook. A lot of settling and moisture bleed obviously occurred on the grill. The patty was good but not particularly noteworthy. For the price you could get a bigger, meatier one at the biggest local fastfood chain. The vegetable components stood out in their freshness in the otherwise just-okay whole.

The Chocolate Milkshake we ordered to wash down the grease also came in a disappointingly regular-sized dixie. I slurped up every drop in search of the chocolate in it and tasted none.

Still hungry, I scanned the menu again and considered the Double Lava Burger — “a double BIGDADDY Burger oozing with melted American cheese.” Surely a double would fill me up. The Tokyo Sun Burger –“a BIGDADDY Burger with sesame-dressed slaw, nori seaweed, egg and teriyaki sauce”, also held promise.

Already in a foul mood over the initial disappointment, we decided to head out to an old favorite to recuperate. I wouldn’t tell anyone to count Big Daddy out, though. The food truck movement in the PI is still in it’s infancy. That gives it a lot of room to really grow. It is also quite an experience. And, yes, I’m going back for the Double Lava and the Tokyo Sun. There’s Fried Oreo and Leche Fritos I saw on their FB page, too. We all just have to lower our expectations on serving size now that we know that it’s Not So Big Daddy.

The Big Daddy Food Truck is nomadic. Check out their location schedules on their FB page.

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