Degree 9

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When the maid salts the soup a few shakes short of the ocean, she attempts to remedy the situation with the addition of an equal amount sugar. My mother muddles her coffee with half a cup of powdered creamer lest she be kept awake by too much caffeine. Right. My subscription to that madness ends where I wash sweetness with a dark brew.

Prone to tonsillitis, I was eager to chase The Chocolate Chamber down my throat. A couple of friends posted some photos from a new Korean coffee shop a few days before. With sleek décor and no platform, squat-seating–like in those jejemon havens sprouting all over the metro (that’s another story), we did not need much convincing that there is hope for the local Korean-owned/operated coffee industry.

Fronting the ridiculously-named GAGFA building, Degree 9 Coffee provided it much needed redemption. The shop’s Facebook page did not provide any insight into the origin of the brand name and I am unable to pull up their website as of writing. I’d personally like my coffee piping.

Polished, black cladding and a glass gave way to an open space with pale laminates, red brick accents, and a polyurethane-finished, plain concrete floor. White, diner-type tiles cover a long expanse of wall, on it, the shops tagline: Hello I’d like my coffee. In jest, I greeted the Korean frontline with it. I asked for recommendations and he responded in English deserving of our national pride as the most prolific ESL-teaching country in Asia (citation needed). Then I read his same lines so much later from their About section on FB: “specializes coffee, tea, frappuccino, & smoothie. Also serve delectable pastries.” Highlight. Copy. Paste. I went for my usual Americano. Plain black. I was there to rinse of chocolate.

Café Americano is prepared by adding hot water to espresso, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, regular drip coffee. I was served a rather potent dose. A wonderful, satiny bitterness danced on then engulfed my tongue before sliding down my gullet with a refreshingly clean finish. It definitely had a stronger flavor than your chain-stores’.

The cakes and pastries beckoned from the display chiller. I gave in to the mini cream puffs in cappuccino flavor. The choux pastry was light and yielding. The cappuccino cream-filling had a very convincing flavor that I wished it was served hot. I’d agree with their statement that their pastries “taste like heaven” on account of the cream puffs alone. Whaddyamean heaven isn’t cappuccino-flavored?

We ordered too few, just two, items that it is a requirement for us to go back for another visit. No, I wouldn’t mind. No, I definitely wouldn’t mind.

Degree 9 Coffee is located at GAGFA Building , F. Cabahug St., Kasambagan, Cebu City.

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