Gatas Na Choco O Choco Na Gatas? Na Spongebob?







Captain: “Are you ready kids?”
Kids: “Aye-aye Captain.”
Captain: “I can’t hear you…”
Kids: “Aye-Aye Captain!!”
Captain: Ooooooh! ‘To ba’y gatas na choco o choco na gatas?
Kids: Ga-tas na cho-co!
Captain: ‘To’y choco na choco na para ding gatas!
Kids: Cho-co na ga-tas!
Captain: ‘Gawa ng Bear Brand, hey, “Look at my mole…”
Kids: Ga-tas na cho-co!
Captain: Ay, mali! My bad. Vinamilk pala…
Kids: Cho-co na ga-tas!
Captain: “Ready?”
Everybody: “SpongeBob SquarePants!” Goody Gu-ulp! “SpongeBob SquarePants!”
Captain: “SpongeBob…. SquarePants! Hahaha!”

Also available in Patrick Star Strawberry.

The song above was paraphrased from the SpongeBob Squarepants Theme Song without permission from Nikelodeon. Note that while there was an effort to follow syllabication and rhyme it was next to impossible considering content and having to use Tuh-gae-lowhg. If you feel the urge to sing it, please approximate and change stresses accordingly like in Katy Perry’s single, Unconditional. ”Look at my mole…” is a reference to a an old Bear Brand TVC in the Philippines.

Goody Gulp is available in a four-tetrapack boxed set at most supermarkets. Each box comes with a free magnet of your favorite Bikini Bottom residents. Find one with the gold magnet for a free one-year supply of Goody Gulp and, give or take, the same duration of time in struggles with weight management.

And, oh, it was okay. Just okay.

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