Salted Caramel Brownie Cup



La Marea’s Salted Caramel Brownie Cup

Salted caramel flavors across the board remind me of how my PussyKat tastes like. Her skin naturally velvety sweet punctuated at times with the moist salt of tropical sweat.

La Marea goes with the salty-sweet food trend with another variant of their cult classic Warm Brownie Cup. The brownie base wasn’t as I remember it to usually be. This one was more canteen-cakey than your La Marea Brownie. Or a brownie at its most basic. Bad batch, maybe. I always look for an excuse to come back. The vanilla ice cream was covered in salty caramel syrup — the salt already mixed in, I was informed–ever so slightly too thin to hold a poured-on aesthetic with the rapidly melting ice-cream and the summer sun. Of course, not everything can look like a Hershey’s Syrup label photo. I would have preferred a sprinkling of chunky, large-grain rock salt on top for a better visual and texture. This medium would have been an excellent playground for contrasts. Overall, this new twist to the classic is a good changeup. Definitely worth a try.

As with the time it took me to polish that cup, I’m keeping this one short and sweet.

La Marea is located at The Crossroads, Banilad and The Walk, IT Park, Cebu City.

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