2014-01-18 16.44.00[1]

Chocolate, bourbon and mocha-cream frosting. Carameldita Cupcakes were promising. Promising of a good time. That which we did at its taste test and soft-launch held at The Turtle’s Nest on Friday.

The bourbon-infused batter rose up to a generous, home-baked consistency with just enough heft on the tongue, the chocolate melding beautifully with the liquor and the sugar thankfully restrained–its sweetness coming from the light, mocha-cream frosting piped into its core before crowning it with 6-point grooved swirls.

Deceptively subtle, my killjoy of a severe allergy to alcohol kicked in on the second cupcake after declaring between mouthfuls of the first that it needed more spike. Of course, I had to go for a third. It was a taste test, after all. Future iterations will include infusion variants: soaked, liquor jelly-crème centers, encapsulations and in varying intensities: Garbosa, Suplada, Maldita and Bruha.

Carameldita Cupcakes are currently on a test-run and will soon be available both on per-order basis and at select locations.

Carameldita Cupcakes

Turtle’s Nest Book Café and Gallery

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