Ramen Burger Harakiri


Tempura Japanese Grill’s Ramen Burger




Ramen Burger Harakiri
A Hay Naku Haiku

Arrived rather late
Godzilla’s regurgitate(n)
Hungry, I ate it

Homemade beef patty with with honey-cured bacon, roasted onions with sesame seeds, garden-fresh lettuce topped with Tempura Grill’s signature Japanese barbeque sauce and sandwiched between two pan-fried ramen buns.

The long wait set my expectations high. Prep:complexity:sogoodicouldie. While the patty was seared on both sides to a caramelly crust and quite well done to a delicate medium well done, the fry-cook did not apply any Japanese restraint with the seasoning. The soggy ramen “bun” did nothing to redeem the dish. As it didn’t hold together, I had to fork it. The experience left this ramen burger virgin feeling like a hentai schoolgirl — violated.

I paid PHP245 for novelty. Skip it.

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